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Great for a Mediterranean Tapas Party!
With its tender roasted onions and garlic-seasoned rice, this side dish is an excellent choice for entertaining and pairs well with duck confit or roast duck in a wine sauce.
Create a flaky, buttery breakfast pastry that's full of protein and flavor. These phyllos are great for breakfast before school or work.
Drizzle over duck confit or roasted duck for a fall favorite
With premade pizza crusts and our fully cooked duck meat, this recipe is a quick option for a busy weeknight.
Bulgur wheat adds a hearty texture to this salad while mint leaves and lemon juice give it a light flavor. Since this dish can be refrigerated up to 24 hours in advance, it's great as a "make-ahead" meal or appetizer.
Created by Chef Michael O'Donnell for Maple Leaf Farms
Prepared pizza dough and our fully cooked duck leg confit make this a convenient choice for a sweet and savory party appetizer.
Enjoy the fresh crispness of vegetables in this stir-fry that's ready in minutes.
Full of vegetables, these flaky, flavorful strudels are the perfect way to begin an Asian-style meal.
Dipped in sweet, spicy mole sauce, these enchiladas are packed with flavor and garnished with a healthy, homemade salsa.
Great for breakfast or brunch!
By Sara Moulton for Sara's Weeknight Meals
Maple Leaf Farms is a past sponsor of Sara's Weeknight Meals.
Student Grand Prize 2012 Chef Recipe Contest, Charlie Stephens
Student Second Place 2012 Chef Recipe Contest, Jessica Gershman
Confit is the time-honored French tradition of cooking meat slowly in its own fat until meltingly tender. This recipe uses classic confit seasonings. Modify the spices to add your own flavor.
Grand Prize 2013 Chef Recipe Contest, Executive Chef Geoff Kelty
2014 Recipe Contest Grand Prize Winner, Suzanne Clark, Phoenix, AZ
Rich and creamy mushroom sauce paired with pasta 'duck tails' stuffed with Duck Confit and Manchego cheese creates the perfect bite.
by Jennifer Daskevich, 2013 World Food Sandwich Champion, Los Angeles, CA
By Sara Moulton for Sara's Weeknight Meals.
Maple Leaf Farms is a past sponsor of Sara's Weeknight Meals.
Duck Tacos are easy to make and delicious any night of the week.
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