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Honorable Mention Soups & Stews Winner 1996 Chef Recipe Contest, Danny Meyer & Michael Romano
Great for a Mediterranean Tapas Party!
Use this versatile recipe and add your favorite ingredients to create a dish that caters to your family's tastes.
Chef Kevin Rathbun, Taste of the NFL 1999
This colorful dish with fresh raspberries and aromatic herbs can be prepped up to two days in advance, then finished day-of for a meal or special event.
The ale's balanced flavor of malt and bitterness melds nicely with the savory duck in this pasta dish
Create a flaky, buttery breakfast pastry that's full of protein and flavor. These phyllos are great for breakfast before school or work.
Braised duck in wine
Bittersweet tarragon melds with sour cream and mayonnaise to create a smooth yet strong dressing for this salad. Serve with croissants or roasted potatoes.
Bulgur wheat adds a hearty texture to this salad while mint leaves and lemon juice give it a light flavor. Since this dish can be refrigerated up to 24 hours in advance, it's great as a "make-ahead" meal or appetizer.
Created by Chef Michael O'Donnell for Maple Leaf Farms
Prepared pizza dough and our fully cooked duck leg confit make this a convenient choice for a sweet and savory party appetizer.
Full of vegetables, these flaky, flavorful strudels are the perfect way to begin an Asian-style meal.
Adapted from a recipe created by Chef Wolfgang Hanau
Great on the grill! Use Maple Leaf Farms Ground Duck Meat for quick prep.
Great for breakfast or brunch!
2010 Video Recipe Contest 1st Runner-Up, Tony Brueski
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2012 Video Recipe Contest Finalist, Paige Adams
By Sara Moulton for Sara's Weeknight Meals
Maple Leaf Farms is a past sponsor of Sara's Weeknight Meals.
2011 Video Recipe Contest 1st Runner Up, Paige Adams
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2011 Video Recipe Contest 2nd Runner Up, Jennifer Beckman, Falls Church, VA
Rich with duck, woodsy with mushrooms, and fragrant with spices, this delicious braise sings with the flavors of fall.
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