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Delicious, quick and easy duck pizza using pre-made flatbread
Make pizza into a breakfast item with this hearty, kid-friendly dish. This recipe works great with a variety of duck products.
Ready within half an hour, this pizza's focaccia crust is permeated with sun-dried tomato marinara.
Create a flaky, buttery breakfast pastry that's full of protein and flavor. These phyllos are great for breakfast before school or work.
Put a new twist on pitas in 10 minutes or less with this creative filling.
Serve with roasted duck for holiday meals.
Great for a duck breast
An unusual twist for grilled duck breasts
Created by Chef Michael O'Donnell for Maple Leaf Farms
These tasty potstickers with their hot, tangy dipping sauce are a great appetizer or snack.
Healthy and filling, the bed of couscous for this duck dish is sweet, spicy and a delicious alternative to potatoes or rice. Feta cheese and pine nuts provide a gourmet garnish.
This versatile appetizer can be prepared any time of the year using your grill or a skillet on the stove.
2005 Consumer Duck Recipe Contest Winning Recipe created by Diane Nemitz
2004 Consumer Duck Recipe Contest Winning Recipe created by Renata Stanko.
Serve an Italian-style breakfast with frittatas -- eggs cooked in a skillet and finished in the oven. Create your own version with ingredients like spinach, cilantro or duck bacon.
Great as an appetizer or a main meal, these kabobs are coated in a sweet, tangy sauce made with pineapple preserves and Dijon mustard.
Fresh garden veggies meet Chinese cuisine in this tasty stir-fry.
Ginger, soy sauce and peanut oil give this dish an Asian flair that will complement sweet and sour duck or Asian duck empanadas.
Full of summer flavors, this salad is fresh and colorful. Simple ingredients and our boneless duck breasts make this recipe easy to prepare on a busy weeknight.
The sweetness of the cola helps to enhance the flavors of the spicy sauce for a new spin on this Chinese classic.
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