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This recipe combines stir-fried cabbage and bean sprouts with fresh lettuce and a spicy vinaigrette. Great by itself or as an appetizer for sweet and sour duck.
Created by Chef Ted Cizma for Maple Leaf Farms
Homemade cherry vinaigrette serves as the duck glaze and the salad dressing in this gourmet recipe. Simple ingredients make it a convenient choice for lunch or for an appetizer before dinner.
Created by Chef Michael O'Donnell for Maple Leaf Farms
Discover a twist on traditional empanadas with this recipe's Mojito Salsa Verde. Sweet and spicy with a deep flavor, this salsa is the perfect complement to the moist meat-and-cheese filling.
A perfect side for an Asian-style lunch or dinner, this salad coats linguine, romaine lettuce and fresh vegetables with a sweet sauce.
Great for Catered Events
Cranberries, Granny Smith apples and sweet potatoes make this harvest chowder perfect for a fall party.
Give your duck skewers extra tang and a bit of style with this recipe's dry sherry marinade.
Soy sauce and rice vinegar bring the flavors of Asia to a summer favorite. Enjoy this recipe year-round by substituting seasonal vegetables.
Add pineapple, mandarin oranges and cashews to make this Hawaiian version of traditional duck salad.
Spicy cumin, jalapeno peppers and cayenne meld with the strong, nutty taste of dark beer in this hearty chili. Serve with rustic bread or a fresh salad.
Duck breast makes a delicious variation on traditional chicken enchiladas.
Great for a garden party!
2010 Video Recipe Contest 2nd Runner-Up, Billy Norris
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2011 Video Recipe Contest Grand Prize Winner, Melissa Yob
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By Sara Moulton for Sara's Weeknight Meals
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2012 Video Recipe Contest Grand Prize Winner, Merry Graham
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2012 Video Recipe Contest 2nd Runner Up, Tiffany Michelle
An easy to make and impressive recipe with all the Thanksgiving flavors you love... on a pizza!
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Serve this duck dish with green beans or wilted spinach.
Fresh vegetables and olive oil make this side dish a healthy and delicious choice for lunch or dinner. Serve with garlic roasted duck breast or duck ragu.
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