Duck Sightings: Recent Media Mentions
November 2016

Below is a list of links to recent articles, restaurant reviews, recipes or blogs from October 2016 that mention Maple Leaf Farms and its duck products.

Maple Leaf Farms

Cooking duck breast is tricky. Noble Fin's Jeb Aldrich shares how to get it perfect every time.
Atlanta Magazine shares a recipe from Chef Jeb Aldrich featuring Maple Leaf Farms duck breast.

Maple Leaf Farms Awards $21K to Top Chefs in Annual Duck Recipe Contest
Duck proved to be on the mind of many chefs and culinary students as the 2016 Discover Duck Recipe Contest sponsored by Maple Leaf Farms attracted a record number of entries.

Oklahoma City sous chef wins second in national recipe contest
Branden Baldwin took home the silver in the Maple Leaf Farms 2016 Discover Duck Recipe Contest.

Duck, Duck, Grill!
Elk Grove shares our how to grill duck breast article and recipe.

Try Duck in Chili
The Journal Gazette shares a recipe for chili using Maple Leaf Farms duck.

13 Super Simple Dishes You Can Cook Without a Recipe: Duck Bacon Pizza
On page 2 of an article by The Cheat Sheet, they recommend using Maple Leaf Farms duck bacon on pizza.

Change Up Your Chili
Our syndicated recipe for duck chili was featured in the Food, Recipes and Entertaining section of The Mountain Grove News-Journal.

What's Cookin'
The Louisiana Press Journal published Maple Leaf Farms Duck Chili recipe.

Duck & Sweet Plantain Lasagna Pastelon
Maple Leaf Farms Ground Duck Meat is featured in a recipe shared by Daniel Ramos, Executive Chef of Quail Ridge Country Club in Boynton, Florida.