Duck Sightings: Recent Media Mentions
January 2017

Below is a list of links to recent articles, restaurant reviews, recipes or blogs from November 2016 that mention Maple Leaf Farms and its duck products.

Maple Leaf Farms Recognized During Manufacturing Month
Grainger presented Maple Leaf Farms with an award of excellence to commemorate manufacturing month.

Purdue Opens State of the Art Food Product Development Laboratory
Purdue University Department of Food Science benefited from an equipment donation by Maple Leaf Farms.


Cool Recipe Alert: Nashville Hot Duck
Food Management shares a recipe finalist from the Maple Leaf Farms Chef Recipe Contest.


Is This Turkey Really Worth $1 Billion?
Maple Leaf Farms duck is mentioned as option for Thanksgiving bird.

How To Cook A Whole Duck On Rotisserie
Cooking Tips Ideas shares links to Maple Leaf Farms' rotisserie duck recipes and duck products.