Duck Sightings: Recent Media Mentions
April 2017

Below is a list of links to recent articles, restaurant reviews, recipes or blogs from March 2017 that mention Maple Leaf Farms duck, or duck in general.

Maple Leaf Farms Announces 2017 Discover Duck Chef Recipe Contest
Maple Leaf Farms has declared 2017 the year of the Duck Leg, with “Legs, Legs, Legs,” being the theme of its annual chef recipe contest.


Restaurant Tips and Tricks When Dining in St. Paul – Twin Cities
Duck quiche at The Grateful Table features Maple Leaf Farms duck bacon.


Asian Duck Sliders
Duck sliders combine ground duck’s sausage-like flavor with warm Chinese Five Spice powder for a winning game day dish.


Mango Duck Mini Tostadas
Mango duck mini tostadas with Maple Leaf Farms duck from blogger Basil Momma are a quick, easy and flavorful appetizer for any occasion.


Duck is on the Menu at Thunder Bay
TMJ4 shows Chef Mike Yelley preparing a delicious apricot-glazed Maple Leaf Farms duck quarter served with toasted Orzo pasta with spinach, roasted red bell peppers, and roasted mushroom medley.


Celebrate with a Gourmet Brunch | Enjoy Magazine
If you're looking for an easy way to celebrate with family and friends, brunch featuring Eggs Benedict with Maple Leaf Farms duck bacon is a perfect option. 


Media Tasting - Moot House Beer Dinner with Ballast Point Brewing Co
At Moot House, Maple Leaf Farms duck with “Cascabel” butter and Maytag blue cheese polenta is named best dish by reviewer.


Duck Confit & Sweet Pepper Blood Orange Gazpacho with a Duck
Palacio Restaurant shares a recipe using Maple Leaf Farms duck that is healthy and refreshing.


Cooking Up a Winner
An Indiana high school culinary team from Greencastle wins a competition with an appetizer they created with pan-seared Maple Leaf Farms duck with sauteed shrimp in a spring roll.