Duck Sightings: Recent Media Mentions
July 2017

Below is a list of links to recent articles, restaurant reviews, recipes or blogs from June that mention Maple Leaf Farms duck.
Estero Life magazine reviews C Level Bistro & Wine Bar. Its delicious menu includes roasted duck, sourced from Maple Leaf Farms, with raspberry sauce to enhance the natural, subtle sweetness of the duck.

Discover Duck at the Fancy Food Show
Maple Leaf Farms invited attendees at the Fancy Food Show to taste just how delicious duck can be during the June 25-27, 2017 event in New York City.

Maple Leaf Farms Announces 2017 Strut Your Duck Recipe Contest
Erie News Now promotes our annual competition that calls for non-traditional holiday recipes using Maple Leaf Farms duck products.

Fire Up Your Grilling Game
The Magna Times shares our article on grilling ground duck burgers this summer.

Lionfish Brings a Dash of Las Vegas Glitz to the Gaslamp
Restaurant reviewer for San Diego Magazine, Troy Johnson, says the Lionfish's Maple Leaf Farms duck breast has a "perfect skin" with "intense flavor."

These 10 Summer Fancy Food Show Pics Will Give You Meat Sweats
Our Duck Bacon makes it on the list of the Junk Food Guy's favorites at the Fancy Food Show.