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Great for grilling duck
Perfect as a dip for Duck Bacon Flatbread
With premade pizza crusts and our fully cooked duck meat, this recipe is a quick option for a busy weeknight.
Delicious with Maple Leaf Farms Appetizers
Tender pulled duck meat and a dressing flavored with sherry wine vinegar make this recipe perfect for entertaining.
Dry red wine, bacon and fresh basil make this recipe a simple but stylish dish for company.
Great with Maple Leaf Farms Duck Quesadillas
A tropical dipping sauce for duck skewers or Almond Breaded Duck Tenders
Second Place 2014 Chef Recipe Contest, Executive Chef Dennis Chan, Blue Bamboo, Jacksonville, FL
Braised duck in wine
Bittersweet tarragon melds with sour cream and mayonnaise to create a smooth yet strong dressing for this salad. Serve with croissants or roasted potatoes.
Healthy and filling, the bed of couscous for this duck dish is sweet, spicy and a delicious alternative to potatoes or rice. Feta cheese and pine nuts provide a gourmet garnish.
This versatile appetizer can be prepared any time of the year using your grill or a skillet on the stove.
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