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Redefine pizza with pesto sauce and eggplant topping. Make homemade pesto or buy it prepared for an easy meal.
Try a jalapeño- and onion-infused patty for a moist, flavorful summer entrée. Serve with spicy mango salsa on the side or add to the top of your burger.
Perfect for dipping Duck Springrolls and Pot Stickers
Use this recipe to dress up duck for the holidays or a special Valentine's Day meal.
Use alone as a drizzle for duck or combine it with a fruit sauce.
Perfect for seasoning duck meat for gumbo
Great with roast duck for entertaining guests
Pour over grilled or slow-cooked duck for a summer flavor.
Drizzle over duck confit or roasted duck for a fall favorite
Use as a spicy topping for roasted duck or duck sausage
Great as a creamy dip for kabobs or a topping for sandwiches
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