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Duck Breast
Duck Breast Meat Trim
Duck Breast Meat Trim
Availabe to purchase online from Maple Leaf Farms -- not available in retail stores.
Boneless, skinless duck breast meat saves you time and effort in the kitchen, and is incredibly versatile. Random-sized pieces are lightly marinated to provide a convenient way to change up your meals. And boneless, skinless duck breast meat is lower in fat and calories than comparable chicken breast meat. Whether it's a stir fry, sandwich, burrito, pasta dish or a topping on a salad -- duck can make any meal memorable.

One bag of random-sized duck breast pieces (net wt. 1.5 lb.)
Seasoned with up to 10% of a solution of water, salt and sodium phosphate

Cooking Instructions
Grill or Saute: Cut meat in to 1/2" pieces. Saute or grill on high with .25 oz. cooking oil for 3-1/2 to 4 minutes. (Defrost in refrigerator before heating/cooking.)
Try these recipes using Duck Breast Meat:
-  Teriyaki Duck Skewers (appetizer)
-  Thai BBQ Duck Kabobs (entree)
-  Hawaiian Duck Salad (salad)

Weight: 1.5 lb.
Available Frozen

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