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Duck Products
Duck Products

Did you know that duck fits into a healthy lifestyle? Read more about its nutrition information »

Indiana Grown
As delicious as it is versatile.
Maple Leaf Farms offers a wide variety of White Pekin duck products available in retail stores, many of which are also available online. (Look for the "Buy Online" button on items that can be purchased on this website.) From traditional whole duck to convenient, fully cooked products, you'll find it easy to incorporate duck into your menu.

Select the product category you are interested in reviewing from the drop down menu in this section or click on the links below. Then you will be able to scan through all the specific Maple Leaf Farms products that we offer. You'll discover the perfect item that will make your meal more memorable and flavorful.

- Whole Duck (Ready to Cook)
       • Whole Duck with Orange Sauce (Fresh or Frozen)
       • Tucker's Holiday Reserve  Whole Duck (Seasonal)
       • Antibiotic Free Gold Label Whole Duck (Frozen)
       • All Natural Whole Duck (Fresh or Frozen)

- Roast Half Duck (Fully Cooked)
       • Roast Duck with Orange Sauce
       • Rotisserie Style

- Duck Breast (Fully Cooked)
       • Rotisserie Style

- Duck Breast (Ready to Cook)
       • Boneless Filet
       • Boneless Honey Orange
       • Boneless Roasted Garlic
       • Boneless, Skinless Breast Meat

- Duck Legs (Fully Cooked)
       • Confit
       • Pulled Duck Leg Meat

- Duck Legs (Ready to Cook)
       • Duck Legs

- Duck Appetizers
        • Duck Quesadillas with Cheese (Ready to Cook)
        • Almond Breaded Duck Tenders (Ready to Cook)
        • Duck Springrolls (Ready to Cook)
        • Duck Potstickers (Ready to Cook)
        • Duck Wing Drummettes (Fully Cooked)

Other Duck Products (Fully Cooked)
        • Duck Bacon
        • Duck Leg Confit
        • Duck Wing Drummettes

Other Duck Products (Ready to Cook)
        • Ground Duck Sausage
        • Ground Duck Meat
        • Rendered Duck Fat
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