Adam Conigliaro
Adam Conigliaro, 2017 Student Chef Recipe Contest WinnerAdam Conigliaro remembers being fascinated by food as a young child. One of his earliest memories is of admiring the color contrast of green and red bell peppers while his mother impatiently reminded him to set the dinner table. As a culinary student, Conigliaro is still fascinated by food and its colors and textures. His recipe contest entry for Five-Spice Duck Legs with Warm Pickled Fennel, Cherries and Persimmons creates a contrast of color and flavor with tangy persimmons, sweet cherries and the light flavor of fennel.

Conigliaro is currently studying at The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. As a culinary student, Conigliaro is inspired by Chef Mike Griffiths and Chef Kevin D’Egidio. The pair are co-owners of Helm, a contemporary American restaurant in Philadelphia that features seasonal ingredients from local urban farms. After graduation next year, Conigliaro plans to further hone his culinary skills as a sous chef.

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