Chef Jaci Shelby
Chef Jaci Shelby, 2017 Chef Recipe Contest WinnerAs a Food Fanatics Chef for US Foods, Jaci Shelby’s mission is to share her passion for food and be an inspiration for other chefs.

“My most memorable job in this industry was actually being able to teach those around me. Through all the years in multiple cities and several different culinary roles, these are the moments that mean the most to me,” she says.

Shelby’s earliest cooking lessons came from her grandmother. Growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she recalls being so small that she had to sit on the counter to watch her grandmother make apple pies. “She always reminded me how important the pie dough was, so I paid close attention.”

Shelby was also motivated to cook by her father. “His passion for food is and always has been my inspiration to learn more about it,” she says.

In the food world, Shelby’s favorite Maple Leaf Farms product is boneless duck breast. “The simplicity and quality does all the work you need as a chef and these are always our favorite products to cook with,” Shelby says.

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