Chef Sara Moulton
In June of 2014, when Sara Moulton kicked off her fourth season as host of public television’s “Sara’s Weeknight Meals,” it was the latest milestone in a storied career that stretches back more than 30 years.  As a protégée of Julia Child, founder of the New York Women’s Culinary Alliance, executive chef of Gourmet magazine, food editor of ABC-TV’s ”Good Morning America,” and the host of several popular shows on the Food Network during that channel’s first decade, the diminutive chef has made her mark over and over again.  A teacher at heart, Sara’s mission has remained the same for decades:  to help the home cook get dinner on the table.

Although she says, “I’ve always liked to eat,” the idea of somehow becoming a professional didn’t occur to Sara until after she graduated from the University of Michigan with a liberal arts degree. And, indeed, it was at the Culinary Institute of America that Sara found herself. Sara entered the CIA in the fall of 1975, where she was first introduced to duck. After graduating with honors, she spent seven years in restaurants. 


Sara subsequently spent two years as an instructor at Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School (now known as the Institute of Culinary Education).  It was there that Sara discovered her love of teaching, a passion that would give focus to her subsequent work in television. 


She has a weekly column in the AP (Associated Press) called "KitchenWise" and is the author of several cookbooks, including Sara Moulton Cooks at Home (2002), Sara’s Secrets for Weeknight Meals (2005) and Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Dinners (2010).


Maple Leaf Farms has partnered with Sara Moulton for several years and is a sponsor of "Sara's Weeknight Meals," which airs weekly on PBS stations across the country. She accompanies us at food shows from time to time and enjoys sharing her expertise with duck cooking demonstrations.