Add flavor and flair to your menu with duck
Duck is a versatile ingredient that can be used in everything from appetizers to soups to entrees.

Appetizers Appetizer Recipes
A perfect start to any meal, appetizers are great for entertaining and the ideal way to try duck for the first time. Our recipes include appetizers both with duck and without duck as an ingredient.
Entrees Main Dish Entrée Recipes
Duck is an impressive main course that can be surprisingly easy to prepare. From roasted whole duck to duck breast, try one of our many flavorful duck main dish recipes.
Soups Soup Recipes
Duck turns plain soup into something special. The flavor of duck makes it perfect in soups or stews, adding a richness you'll love.
Salads Salad Recipes
The versatility of duck shines in fresh salads. The flavor and texture of duck are the perfect accompaniment with crisp greens or other fresh ingredients.
Sauces Sauce & Rub Recipes
Spicy or fruity... top off your meal with a great sauce or start with an easy-to-mix rub recipe for raw duck. This collection of sauce and rub recipes perfectly accents the flavor of duck.
Sides Side Dish Recipes
Wondering what to serve with your duck dish? Browse our collection of wonderful and easy side dish recipes for duck's perfect partner.
Desserts Dessert Recipes
The perfect ending to your delicious duck meal starts here with our dessert recipes.
Memorable Meals
Make everyday meals special by serving a
flavorful duck recipe.
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Strut Your Duck Winner