Duck and Mango Quesadilla

Great for Catered Events

Serving Size {24 Servings}


1 Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast*

1/2 Cup Mango, julienne

1 Tbsp Minced Green Onion

1 Tbsp Minced Cilantro

1 Tbsp Sliced Jalapenos, seeded

4 oz Fresh Mozzarella, julienne

6 Flour Tortillas, 6"


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1. Cook duck breast skin side down in pan on medium heat for 8 minutes. Turn and cook for 4 minutes more. Remove skin and shred or cut meat into julienne strips.

2. Evenly divide cheese over bottom half of flour tortillas. Top each evenly with remaining ingredients.

3. Fold each tortilla in half. Gently press down to seal.

4. On a lightly oiled heated grill top, grill tortillas 2-3 minutes per side until lightly golden. Can be prepared ahead to this point.

5. Reheat quesadillas in oven. Cut each tortilla into 4 wedges.

*Roasted Garlic Marinated Duck Breast also works in this recipe.

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