Confit Duck Salad with Gaufrette Potato Crisps

1999 Grand Prize Winner, MLF Recipe Contest, Chef Paul Beppler

Serving Size {6 Servings}


Apple Salad:

3 oz each Granny Smith Apples, Celery Root, julienne

2 Ounces Walnuts, chopped

3 Tablespoons Mayonnaise

1 Teaspoon Each Basil, Parsley, chopped

As Needed Lemon Juice

As Needed Salt, Black Pepper

Pickled Chanterelles:

1 Ounce Walnut Oil

3 Ounces Chanterelles, sliced

1/2 Ounce Shallots, sliced

2 Ounces Sherry Vinegar

1/2 Ounce White Wine

2 Teaspoons Sugar

As Needed Salt, Black Pepper

Sun-Dried Tomato Oil:

6 Each Sun-Dried Tomatoes

3 Ounces Olive Oil

Parsley Oil:

1/2 Bunch Parsley, blanched

3 Ounces Olive Oil


6 Each Maple Leaf Farms Duck Leg Confit


18 Each Fried Gaufrette Potato Slices

3 Each Cherry Tomatoes, quartered


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Apple Salad: Combine ingredients; adjust seasoning to taste.

Pickled Chanterelles: Saute chanterelles and shallots in hot oil. Deglaze with vinegar and wine. Add sugar, salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.

Sun-Dried Tomato Oil: Puree tomatoes with oil.

Parsley Oil: Puree parsley with oil.

Duck: Re-thermalize duck following package directions. Remove skin; shred meat. Keep warm.

To Serve: Arrange apple salad in a nest in the center of the plate. Place duck confit on top of apple salad and garnish top with chanterelles. Arrange 3 potato crisps around back of duck/apple salad. Drizzle plate with herb oils and garnish with cherry tomatoes.

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