Duck Croquettes and Sweet Pea Puree

Student Finalist 2016 Chef Recipe Contest, Alvin Lawe, Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI

Serving Size {4-6 Servings}


Duck Potato Croquettes:
2 large Russet Potatoes
1 Egg Yolk
4 oz Pecorino Romano Cheese
3 oz Heavy Cream
Nutmeg, pinch
6 oz Maple Leaf Farms Pulled Duck Leg Meat
Salt and Pepper, to taste

Flour, as needed
4 Eggs, beaten
Panko Breadcrumbs, seasoned, as needed
Oil for frying

Sweet Pea Puree:
2 Tbsp Butter
1/2 cup Shallots, diced
1 quart Fresh Peas
2 oz Cream
4 sprigs Fresh Thyme, stems removed and leaves chopped
4 sprigs Fresh Tarragon, stems removed and leaves chopped
Vegetable Stock, as needed

1 cup Demi Sauce, optional

4-6 Baby Carrots

1 1/2 cups Brown Beech Mushrooms

Pea Greens, garnish

Fresh Mint, garnish


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1. Bring a pot of salted water to boil, enough to cover potatoes. Cook for 45 minutes or until potatoes are fork tender.

2. Peel potatoes and pass them through a ricer or food mill.

3. Add egg yolk, cheese, cream, nutmeg and shredded duck meat to the potatoes. Mix well and season to taste with salt and pepper.

4. To shape the potatoes into croquettes, place potato mixture into plastic piping bag and pipe cylinders 1x3 inches on a cutting board.

5. Preheat fryer for the croquettes.

6. Gather ingredients for breading procedure: flour, eggs and bread crumbs. One at a time, coat potato cylinders in flour, then eggs, then bread crumbs.

7. Fry croquettes until golden brown. Place aside to drain oil.

8. Place butter in sauce pot and sweat the shallots. Add fresh peas and cook till tender. Then add cream, fresh thyme and tarragon. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

9. Puree peas in a blender. May need to add hot vegetable stock if puree is too thick. Hold warm until service. Heat up cup of demi sauce if desired.

10. Blanch baby carrots and shock in ice water. Then sauté carrots with beech mushrooms in butter and season.

11. Plating:
Spoon a pool of pea puree on plate. Place a few carrots and mushrooms on top of puree. Place three croquettes on top. Garnish with pea greens and sliced mint. Spoon demi sauce around croquettes if desired.

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