Ground Duck Meat
All Natural Ground Duck

Red meat that's as lean as chicken... sound too good to be true?

Maple Leaf Farms All Natural Ground Duck Meat has the robust, red meat texture of beef with the lean nutritional benefits of chicken. Great for burgers, sliders, pasta, flatbread and more -- the possibilities are endless.

10 Easy Recipe Ideas for Ground Duck Meat

  1. There's nothing better than burgers on the grill. Duck meat burgers are even better.
  2. Liven up your party dip with a little ground duck meat. Insert chip and enjoy.
  3. Easy casserole: mac and cheese, plus ground duck meat. Voila!
  4. Who doesn't love pizza? Ground duck meat is the perfect topping.
  5. Add your own spices and make duck sausage.
  6. For a quick comfort food, substitute ground duck meat for ground beef in chili.
  7. Add some ground duck meat to scrambled eggs or an omelet for additional protein.
  8. Ground Duck Meat + Veggies + Broth = Duck Vegetable Soup
  9. Update sloppy joes by using ground duck meat instead of beef with your favorite barbeque sauce.
  10. Add a twist to traditional tacos by adding ground duck meat. Easy and tasty!