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Fully Cooked Duck Products

Duck - Fully Cooked

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Roast Half Duck with Orange Sauce Roast Half Duck w/Orange Sauce (14 oz)
Min. order quantity: 2

Duck à l'Orange

Our fully cooked, half duck is perfectly roasted, with only the wing and leg bones remaining. Simply heat and serve with the enclosed orange sauce for a classic French dish. C'est trés magnifique!

One roast half duck (net wt. 12 oz. + 2 oz. orange sauce)
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Rotisserie Half Duck Rotisserie Roast Half Duck (12 oz)
Min. order quantity: 2

Memorable Meal!

You will appreciate the elegance and ease that our rotisserie roast half duck brings to your next special occasion. Fully cooked and rubbed with our chef's blend of seasonings, this entrée will be the star of the meal. Simply heat and serve.

One half duck (net wt. 12 oz.)
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Rotisserie Duck Breasts Rotisserie Duck Breasts (8 oz) - 2 pack
$11.99   Discontinued - No longer available

Duck Leg Confit All Natural Duck Leg Confit (16 oz) - 2 pack       NEW!

Timeless Classic!

Duck Leg Confit, prepared in the time-honored French tradition, is sure to please the most distinguished guest! Slowly cooked in its own fat with classic confit seasonings for added tenderness and flavor. Use the fat to sauté vegetables or omelets. Fully cooked for your convenience, just heat and eat.

Two legs (8 oz. each; net wt. 16 oz.)
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P-Duck-Wh-Bean-Salad-ecom.jpg Fully Cooked Pulled Duck Leg Meat (2 lb)

Power Up Your Culinary Creativity!

Put a new spin on an old dish with succulent, all natural, fully cooked pulled duck meat from our oven roasted duck legs. Easy to use -- just heat and eat. It's perfect for your signature sauce and is great for sandwiches, salads or in pasta dishes.

One pack of pulled duck leg meat (net wt. 2 lb.)
No artificial ingredients, minimally processed
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Duck-Wing-Drummettes.jpg Duck Wing Drummettes (2 lb)

Duck Wings

Your taste buds will take flight with our fully cooked Duck Wing Drummettes! The tender, delicious flavor of duck wrapped in a crispy, golden brown coating - our wings are perfect as an appetizer, entrée or snack. Add your own sauce (or make one of ours) and create hot wings! Fry from frozen or thawed state. Can be baked.

One pack of duck wing drummettes (net wt. 2 lb.) – approx. 15 wing drummettes
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Duck-Baco-Ecom.jpg Duck Bacon (12 oz)
$8.75  $8.50  

Naturally Applewood Smoked Duck Bacon

Unlike other types of poultry bacon, Maple Leaf Farms Duck Bacon doesn't compromise on taste or texture! Made exclusively with boneless duck breast meat, our duck bacon is thick sliced and naturally Applewood smoked for terrific flavor, yet has 57% less fat* than traditional pork bacon. Takes just a few minutes to crisp in a skillet or convection oven and it's ready to serve. (*USDA National Nutrient Database data for pork bacon)

One vacuum pack of sliced duck bacon (net wt. 12 oz.)
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