Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson, 2017 Student Chef Recipe Contest WinnerIn his first cooking semester at culinary school, Richard Robinson’s class prepared duck. It was a simple recipe – the duck was rubbed with oil, seasoned with salt and pepper, and then roasted, but Robinson has never forgotten the taste.

“It was phenomenal,” he says. “Ever since that day in class, I tell everyone that my favorite protein is duck. I would tell someone who has never tried duck to let me cook it for them.”

Robinson has loved cooking since he was a child, and he recalls making “huge messes along the way” of his culinary journey. He currently works at the Cherokee Country Club while attending culinary school.

At school, Robinson has been inspired by two culinary instructors: Program Director, Chef Hillary Gallagher, and Instructor, Chef Paul Bodrogi.

“Chef Gallagher taught me various lessons along the way with her strict rules and professionalism,” Robinson says. “And with his kindness and genuine personality, Chef Bodrogi showed me that not all chefs are like Gordon Ramsay.”

As he pursues his culinary career, Robinson will seek to learn from talented and experienced chefs so that he can continue to expand his cooking repertoire.

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